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ACPS protection services are available to our Clients’ who require security protection for remote infrastructure sites, construction projects, staging areas, and critical infrastructure projects.  We are highly experienced, as well, in supporting critical infrastructure maintenance or construction projects in remote areas, outside of population centers, in the Northern California Region.   Especially in regard to asset protection, personnel and property protection, and incident response and mitigation.
  • Remote Project Coverage – remote infrastructure protection services are available to our Clients’ who require effective security protection for these remote sites, infrastructure monitoring, and construction projects.  ACPS management recommends Client Project Managers negotiate their needs ahead of time, at least 14-30 days in advance for the best price point.  We will quote service estimate for your Project Budget, and pre-approval of this agreed upon Security Budget is required for service implementation.  A 48-Hour cancellation notice is required for ending services prior to the original conclusion date. 
ACPS protects other remote Utility-Owned facilities, such as; equipment yards, service centers, substations, hydro facilities, field buildings and support infra-structure segments to mitigate threats or risks by location.We can supply this temporary or longer-term security coverage on an as-needed-basis.
  • Remote Patrol Coverage - flexible Mobile Patrol service solutions are a viable and cost-effective option to reduce frequency of incidents and damage.  We can focus patrol resources during high-risk periods and cover a broader scope of sites in a defined geographic area.  Dates, coverage times and sequence of the location visits can be modified to address actual time-frames where vandalism, break-ins or thefts are occurring.
This will increase risk to the perpetrators and provide a degree of deterrence in them.Establishing this Mobile Patrol routine, at locations experiencing on-going activity, will allow us to narrow down the periods of risk, as well as, potentially identify trends, track activity more clearly, mitigate these activities, and reduce your losses.
Remote Project & Critical Infrastructure Qualifications - ACPS has been involved with large Public and Private Utilities in Northern and Central California since 2010.  Projects include: Hydro-Dam/ Power Plant retrofits; aquafer rehabilitation; fishery, reservoir and watershed restoration; major 500 KV tower and cable replacement, sub-station retrofits; vandalism and loss prevention; waterway and infrastructure prevention patrols; Utility-Owned recreation patrols and visitor services; fire-watch patrols; tunneling projects; electrical and natural gas underground projects; distribution and storage facilities; large EPA environmental mitigation and restoration projects; and emergency terrorist/threat protection coverage for major, critical infrastructure sites.  Our services are adaptable to most maintenance or construction project sites, as well as, loss prevention coverage at other remote facilities.

14+ Years of Experience

  • Retail Industry
  • Armed Financial Institution Protection
  • Hydro and infrastructure power plant facilities
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Warehouse and Distribution centers
  • Inter-modal facilities
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Major maintenance and construction sites
  • Hotels and Leisure Industry
  • Hospital and Medical Services
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