The following Mobile Patrol related services are offered in addition to our Standard Unarmed, Armed and DOD Cleared Security Officer services provided at our Clients’ premises.  Please take the time to review our Menu of available Mobile Patrol options below:
  • Basic Mobile Patrol – ACPS provides uniformed, Mobile Patrol Officers in marked vehicles to conduct periodic perimeter inspections of Client premises on; a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.  Patrol sites can be a single location or a multi-site bundled group for a more favorable price-point.  Basic Mobile Patrol service is limited by design to provide the basic exterior site check on a pre-determined, periodic basis.  This allows a customer to provide location protection by a trained security agent in an on-going, long-term (project) or as needed (temporary) basis.  Our Patrol Routes are configured geographically to ensure efficiency, capability to respond within the Route for an active “Alarm condition”, and/or provide a visual deterrent in the communities served.
  • Advanced Mobile Patrol – to enhance services, ACPS provides our customers the flexibility to modify their Patrol service solutions, as necessary, to mitigate additional threats or risks by location.  Additional tasks may include, but are not limited to; physical check of perimeter door(s) lock integrity (secure/unsecure), opening/closing service, interior premise patrols, environmental safety checks, and alarm response checks.   ACPS also provides our Clients’ with the latest digital records of service and shift documentation on a “live” basis.  In addition, ACPS monitors Patrol personnel in the field for quality assurance purposes.
  • Alarm Response – ACPS provides basic Alarm Response service by location or as a bundled service.  Many jurisdictions and insurance carriers require that there is a response by a licensed and experienced Security Agent.  Many Local jurisdictions require and need to reduce the Law Enforcement response to just “validated alarms” only.  Insurance Companies may require an alarm response (depending on their Client’s Industry Standard) of a licensed Security Agent.  Additionally, insurance agencies may provide a discount for this service.  Note: there is a mutual agreed upon timeframe for Alarm Response specified in your Mobile Patrol Services Agreement.
  • Integrated Mobile Patrol – ACPS will provide recommendations for combining On-site Officer coverage and Mobile Patrol Officer coverage.  This Option may provide an alternative means of protection and maximize the use of your Security Budget dollars.  This type of service combination is well suited for industrial sites, clustered buildings, and as an after-hours coverage solution. 

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