American Custom Private Security, Inc. (ACPS) patrol services are available in the area to service drive-by patrols with customize secure solution. The focus is to provide you, the client, a customized security solution to your unique requirements.
Customize Secure Solution
  • Your estimated visit requirements per day, week, or month
  • Area of services, drive-by, or perimeter patrol
  • One location or multiple locations
  • Specific geographic area of services
  • Specific requirement according to your business needs.
  • Job Specific reporting as your requirements.

ACPS Staff and Technology  

Human and state of the art technology work together at ACPS to enhance the level of security provided to our clients. ACPS’s clients get peace of mind and the true value of their security professionals. This ensures your investments are properly being protected. Our digital reporting provides you real time reporting, pictures, and videos with full verifiable transparency.

Industries We Served

  • Commercial
  • Residential HOA’s Properties
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail
  • Finical Institutions
  • Shopping Complex


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